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A Park Model Home Is Nothing Like Your Grandparents Old Mobile Home From The 60s

In the 60s, mobile homes were made from inexpensive aluminum and other low quality materials. The object of the homes was to provide Americans with low housing opportunities and the mobile home became extremely popular as a result.

However, today’s consumers aren’t interested in the old mobile homes from the 60s. Park Model homes has raised the bar on pre-fab homes, making them trendy and affordable at the same time. And no, a park model home is nothing like your grandparents’ old mobile home from the 60s.

With amazing amenities like large windows, raised wood cabinets, built in pocket doors, ceramic backslashes and upgraded siding, Park Model homes are chic and contemporary. They can come with modern side bay rooms and extra loft areas for extra comfort and luxury.

Today’s park model homes are not only used for primary residences, like most of the mobile homes of the 60s were used for. They are still quite affordable, starting around $20,000 each.
However, they are often used for vacation homes on the beach, in the woods or on farming properties. In addition, many families are choosing to put them on the back of their property (instead of building a guest suite) for mother-in-law accommodations or for their college aged children to enjoy.

Park Model home designs and their luxury amenities are what make them nothing like your grandparents’ old mobile homes from the 60s. These homes make visitors feel like they’re walking not into a rusty trailer, but into a lovely home.

Superior Park Model Homes Helps Campground Owners Generate Cash

Park Model homes have been used for years as vacation homes and primary residences. However, Superior Park Model Homes is now suggesting campground and resort owners think about using these inexpensive lodging accommodations to generate more cash for their business.

Superior Park Model Homes suggests campground owners and resort owners think about adding Park Model homes to their properties, renting them out for cash each week throughout the year to vacationing families. Many times, families want to camp but can’t afford a motor home and would rather not sleep in a tent. Thus, getting to experience camping in a Park Model would be an ideal way to spend vacation and a great way for campground owners to make more rental money.

Superior Park Model Homes also suggest resort owners offer their vacationers the option of purchasing a Park Model Home. This can be a great way for resort owners to generate more income. Many people come to resorts and never want to leave. Thus, resort owners can take advantage of the location they currently offer and give their guests the option of always having a place to come back to (their own Park Model home).

Park Model homes are ideal for an ocean front piece of land, the quiet edge of lake front property, property on the green hills or even in wooded areas of the nation’s mountains. Superior Park Model homes are made of high quality materials and are quite affordable. Many of the Park Model homes start at around $20,000 which makes owning a vacation home a viable option for many families.

Park Model Home Remodeling Options

Initially, the thought of remodeling a park model home yourself may seem exciting, but this type of project is best suited for the professionals. After all, electrical wiring and also the plumbing are all incorporated into the house itself. As such, the setup is entirely different from site built homes. Remodeling, upgrading, or expanding a Park Model Home is usually not necessary and should not be done unless necessary.

If you believe it is indeed high time for expanding or remodeling a Park Model home, take a good look around and see if some strategically applied cosmetic changes are not all truly needed to give the home a face-lift and a new look you crave. When rennovations require more than a paint job or more modern appliances it’s time to cut your losses and spring for something new.

Considering the average Park Model home is very inexpensive, expanding or remodeling a park model home with the help of a professional is almost cost prohibitive. Surprisingly, a used Park Model home holds it value very well. By trading it in and selling it to someone else, you can most likely even save up enough for a size-able down payment on your upgraded model. Park Model home rep today and find out what the company can do for your upgrade and potentially resale needs.

Using the Latest Energy Saving Technologies with Your Park Model Home

There are distinct advantages to using the latest energy saving technologies with your park model home. After all, because of the unique layout and also specific attributes these homes feature, they come standard.

The majority of residents who call these little homes their home away from home enjoy the properties for vacation getaways, in addition to hunting cabins, and of course as weekend party homes.

This of course greatly underscores their and your ability to opt for using the latest energy saving technologies with your park model home. For example, since these homes are smaller than average residences, they are uniquely suited to fit into the landscape in the ecologically soundest manner, thereby greatly increasing your ability to begin using the latest energy saving technologies with your park model home.

At the same time, this placement enhances the usefulness of the technology and thereby also decreases the overall cost of the technology. This includes solar energy, solar powered daily living conveniences, water pumps, and also battery operated gadgetry.

Vacationers find this a welcome bow to the perceived rustic mystique of the trip. Those whose park model is situated in a forest or on a farm are especially enamored with the battery operated conveniences and also the manual pumps.

FEMA Houses Those In Need With Park Model Homes

When disaster strikes leaving people homeless and in need of shelter, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) comes to aid. With raging storms like hurricane Katrina destroying millions of homes and lives, the need for quick and suitable shelter is needed. When crisis like this occur FEMA has been using park model homes to shelter and house those in need.

Park model manufactured homes are small manufactured homes that provide not only shelter from the cold but a lift in spirit for those who need it. These homes are built as vacation housing or additional housing space on land that has preexisting homes such as a homeowner looking to add a guesthouse. These model homes are small but spacious and designed to create affordable luxury.

Several of these model homes offer one to two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room and lofts. Some models even offer a floor plan with two-stories. What better way to help someone who has lost their home than to provide them with a living space that can still provide the feeling of home, safety and security? Park model homes are built on wheels and are considered as an RV (recreational vehicle).

It does not take a building permit to place one of these homes on property. They are easily transported and this is why these model homes are so suitable to be used by FEMA and they have been successfully used and will continue to be used for times of need. If you want further information about FEMA or Park Model Homes you can find this information and more online.

History of Park Model Homes

The history behind park model homes relates directly to the evolution in style of manufactured homes all around the world. It all began with the American demand for low cost housing, made of high-quality products and materials.

Starting in the 1920’s, Americans had the need for “trailer coaches” which were made to allow people to vacation in a portable home at campsites. Throughout WWII, these coaches were used full-time for factory workers who lived far from their factory jobs.

After WWII was over, many veterans needing affordable housing and the manufactured home (mobile home) industry was born. The first mobile homes were only large enough for a small family and could be moved from one location to another.

Throughout the late 50’s and 60’s, the industry grew even more. People wanted larger homes, new appliances and more luxury within their mobile home. Thus, the industry answered with larger homes, made of high-quality materials and with more luxurious options.

Young couples could become homeowners more quickly with these nicer options in home buying. After Congress passed the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act in 1974, mobile homes grew into the single-family industry they are today. The regulations allowed for safer and more luxurious homes to be built.

Because of efficient factory processes, a demand for higher quality and update luxury options, today’s Park Model Homes are innovative and appropriate for millions of homeowners.

Each year they change and adapt to the consumer’s wishes, including new models with solar power capabilities. Over time, park model homes will continue to offer top of the line options for those interested in manufactured homes.

Using Your Vacation Home As An Investment

The average family takes at least one vacation each year. During this vacation they spend an average of $1500 during that trip on lodging accommodations alone. Thus, if they take more than one vacation per year they can really be throwing money down the drain when it comes to hotel costs.

Thus, more and more people are choosing to purchase a vacation home as an investment. Vacation homes can be beneficial in many ways. Not only can they provide your family with an inexpensive place to spend your vacation, but they can also allow you to enjoy familiar settings and restful locations.

More added benefits of a vacation home include:

•Extra tax breaks for property ownership.
•The ability to rent out your vacation home while you’re not using it, for profit.
•Low mortgage payments due to low costs of smaller vacation homes.
•An ability to save money on food during vacation, due to a full service kitchen.

Park Model Homes offers many styles and models perfect for an ideal family vacation home. With homes suitable for wooded areas, the lake, the beach or the countryside, there is something for any buyer. These homes start at as little as $20,000 and can be customized to include many upgrades including an upstairs loft, upgraded bathroom options and flooring options.

The company even offers solar powered models for those interested in being environmentally conscious. Those who own Park Model trailers enjoy the luxuries themselves and then often use the home as an investment during their non-vacationing months.

Park Model Manufacturers Are Abundant

If you’ve decided to purchase a park model home, the excitement is about to begin! It’s incredible deciding to buy your first home or an additional vacation home. But, finding the best of the Park Model Manufacturers may seem overwhelming. After all, they are located throughout the country! Some of the most popular Park Model home makers are Chariot, Dutch, Breckenridge and Fairmont.

Located in both Ocala, Florida and in Phoenix, Arizona, Chariot is a great manufacturer to consider. With a great deal of retirees in these areas, this manufacturer often produces vacation or retiree homes. For the past 15 years, Chariot has been in one of the top two sales slots for Park Model Homes. Thus, they must be doing something right!

Dutch Park Homes is another popular manufacturer and is located in Indiana. The Dutch manufacturer specializes in timely construction. Just like all other Park Model manufacturers, they also give superior craftsmanship. Their customer service team is excellent as well!

The Breckenridge manufacturing company prides itself on appealing to today’s modern buyer. They offer classy and sophisticated options in Park mobile homes.

Because they’ve been building homes for over 35 years, throughout America, Fairmont is likely one of the most experienced manufacturers. Recognized for their greatness by the National Associate of Home Builders Research Center and the State of Indiana Governors’ Office, they always produce quality homes.

All park model manufacturers offer great quality and superior craftsmanship. They are all required to go through extensive testing before leaving the building plant. Thus, they are all sturdy no matter where you choose to go for your purchase.

Log Park Model Trailers Allow You To Escape Your Crazy Life

Have you always imagined living in a cabin in the woods? If so, you’ll want to take a closer look at the park model home options made with people like you in mind!

The log park model trailers today are not only affordable, but also beautifully constructed. They provide the perfect setting for escaping from your crazy life. Made with a cedar log exterior the log Park Model trailers are well constructed.

In addition, the knotty pine interior makes you feel as if you’re thousands of miles away from the city (even if you’re only a few miles out into the woods).

Enjoying time to yourself or time with your family and friends is stress-free when you purchase a log Park Model trailer in the woods. Safely secured from all wildlife intruders, a log Park Model home allows you to enjoy the great outdoors with luxurious amenities.

An open floor plan allows you to hike during the day and retreat to an open environment at night (equipped with a full kitchen and bathroom). In addition, the outer exterior of the log Park Model homes makes the home look like a genuine log cabin instead of a traditional mobile home.

With an industrial trailer, the log Park Model trailers can be moved at a moment’s notice. In case you choose to sell your land or simply want to move the home elsewhere, you have the choice to do just that. The freedom which accompanies the log Park Model home trailers is invaluable.

Top Retirement Community Activities

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall in your typical retirement community? For years there has been the misconception seniors are doing little more than crocheting and sitting in the shade reminiscing about old times.

An Active Retirement for You

If you take the time to actually drive through an average community today, you are going to be in for a huge surprise! The top retirement community activities have a changed a lot from the days of old when retirement was little more than a supposedly boring proposition.

Seniors actually have more money now than they used to. Houses bought on the cheap were sold at the height of the market. The result is a population of seniors who are unencumbered by personal debts and who are ready to put their money to good use for personal enjoyment.

Many opt for two park model homes to live in seasonally – one in a climate that is warm during the summer and the other for one where the winters are considered warm and comfortable.

Traveling is done in compact cars and no longer in expensive gas guzzling recreational vehicles. Instead, mobile home parks have caught on to the sudden influx of fiscally strong individuals in their golden years, and as such they offer a variety of activities that are specifically geared toward the interests of those who are retiring in style.

There are exercise classes, art exhibits, friendly card games, excursions, nature hikes, various sporting events, and of course shopping sprees.