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Understanding ANSI 119 Standards and Specifications

The manufacture of park model homes and other such abodes is subject to strict rules and regulations. The governing bodies of the industry have decided long ago that the safety of consumers must come before any concern over profit or even beauty, and thus the often updated standards and specifications were drafted and incorporated into the industry manufacture requirements.

Since model home manufacturers are members of the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA) and this governing body is charged in part with enforcing the rules and regulations stipulated to by the industry, it certifies each and every model home as to its adherence to said standards. The ANSI 119 standard is the prime example of this kind of safety solution.

ANSI 119 is a standard definition that oversees plumbing and electrical systems as well as the structural safety of model homes. Since they are built on a chassis complete with wheels, the proper distribution of weight, save creation of a center of gravity, and of course the structural soundness that protects the structure from stress fractures is vital for the safe and continued use of the model homes.

ANSI 119 standards and specifications provide the industry with a checklist that ensures no potential problems gets missed while the overseeing agencies are provided with a method of checking up on manufacturing processes. Following through with this kind of safety inspection, the certification by agencies such as RPTIA is indeed not only meaningful but also a sign to consumers that they have found model homes which are safe and built to a strict industry standard.