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Log Cabin Park Model – The Simplest Form of Comfort

Do you have a wooded property you’d love to have a log cabin sitting on? Are you worried about trying to build a traditional log cabin on your property?

The log cabin park model is a simple structure one can call home without minimizing or losing comfort and space. Although the space is reduced compared to that of either a manufactured home or a conventional home it offers breathing room in which one can move about without feeling constricted or limited.

The exterior is typically rustic log (hence the name) or cedar for that traditional woodsy appeal flared by a modern rural appearance. The construction, manufactured by expert craftsmen, is environmentally sound and features fiberglass insulation heat ducts, vinyl insulated windows and Fiber-Cement Siding for security. Inside design yields to custom preference but allows many options, from lofts to extended closed-in porch space. Imagine sitting on your log cabin Park Model home’s front porch, looking out into the wooded forest in front of you!

The most attractive consideration of the log Park Model, as with any Park Model home, is the affordable price. Prices for these homes generally start at around $20,000. Because this type of home is inexpensive and no building permit is required a manufacturing home loan is easier to obtain than would be for any of the larger, traditional homes. This makes it a great option for those who don’t think they can afford to build a log cabin on their property but still have the dream of owning one.

Contemporary Pre-Fab Homes

Today’s pre-fab homes are nothing like the trailer park models of the 60s and 70s. In fact, today’s models are contemporary and adequate for any chic family or single. Park Model Homes offers a multitude of home options if you’re in the market for an upscale manufactured home. Some of their most popular contemporary pre-fab homes include those in the following plan groups.

Manor Plans From Park Models: Ideal for vacationing all over the country, Manor styles of Park model homes are traditional in style while offering contemporary aspects as well. Upgraded amenities include modern side bay areas, making them a great choice for many buyers.

Royal Plans From Park Models: With side bay areas, back bay options, loft capabilities and many kitchen shape options, the Royal Plans are contemporary pre-fab homes at their best.

Estate Plans From Park Models: Park Model homes in the Estate Plans automatically include many upgrades in their base price. Most of the Park Model Estate styles are created with larger windows, raised wood cabinets, built ins, pocket doors, ceramic backsplashes and upgraded siding.

Contemporary pre-fab homes now come with much more than the original mobile homes came with. They are fit for people with any style and tastes, with designs making them look more like traditional homes than trailers. They can be placed beautifully in the country, by the beach, in a wooded area or even in your larger backyards. They are perfect for primary residences, vacation homes, mother in law suites and more.

Used Park Models and Park Homes

Are you searching for an inexpensive second home? Used Park Models and Park homes may be just the option you need. In today’s struggling economy, taking the time to compare of Park Models versus traditional homes is a great idea. Mortgage brokers bemoan the fact many consumers can no longer qualify for home loans. Used Park Models can allow you to get the second home you desire so greatly, without having to spend your life’s savings in the process. In

For example, used Park Models and Park homes start at $20,000 or less. However, a traditional home costs more than $200,000 in most areas. This makes used Park Models the perfect compromise for anyone hoping to become the homeowner of a second home or vacation getaway. Used Park Models are not only less expensive than traditional second homes, but they also require less maintenance. They can also be moved, easily. Thus, if you decide to take your home to another area of the country, you can absolutely do so.

Used Park Models and Park Homes are great options to consider not only for a second home or vacation property, but also for additional housing on your current property. Many homeowners are purchasing used Park Models and using them as mother-in-law suites at their current home or for their college-age children who are going to school in state. Used Park Models and Park homes provide inexpensive housing options to homeowners and can ultimately be used for a multitude of purposes. See your Park Models dealer today!

Park Model Cabins Offer Rustic Charm

Park Models have been known for their amazing quality and low price, for years. However, the company is breaking through with an even better reputation by offering improved styles of Park Model homes. Their cabin floor plans are some of the most popular models on the market, at this time. With the rustic look hotter than ever before, park model homes is taking advantage.

Park Model cabins are not only lovely on the outside, but also offer great floor plans inside with customizable options and amenities. Some of the cabins even offer an additional loft area upstairs! The loft is a great option for families who want to use the home for vacation purposes. Perhaps they own some wooded property and would love to have Park Models cabin options.

The beauty of the park model cabins is they offer more than great indoor options. Many of the Park Model cabin plans also offer rustic front porches, perfect for enjoying the scenery surrounding the cabin. Park Model cabins are ideal choices for farming property, wooded areas or other areas where nature can be fully enjoyed. All Park Model cabins are made with quality materials and are fully inspected before leaving the manufacturer.

Park Model cabins are most commonly used as vacationing homes. However, they are luxurious enough to be used as a primary residence as well, with great upgrades available. If you’re looking for a hunting cabin, a lake house or a rustic primary residence, Park Model cabins might be exactly what you need!

Park Model Appliance Options for Luxury and Comfort

Any homeowner craves the little bit of something extra which turns a house into a home, and makes life worth living within it. With Park Model appliance options, there are various opportunities for luxury and comfort that ensure a continuous satisfaction homeowners have with their choice.

Take for example ranges and stoves which come standard as Park Model appliance options. Upgrades are available which allow for stainless steel self cleaning models, gas ranges or electric ranges and other little extras.

Refrigerators also provide for some Park Model appliance options and such vary in size. Dishwashers come in stainless steel or in regular exteriors and complement your choice of kitchen appliances. Most microwaves are space savers which capitalize on the room above the stove.

Stackable washers and dryers are perhaps the most sought after Park Model appliance options and orders for them are more plentiful than paddle fans. There is no doubt these kitchen and bedroom appliances go a long ways to personalizing a home.

Smaller Park Model appliance options include chandeliers which make the dining area appear more formal, ceiling lights for the bedrooms, recessed can lights, programmable thermostats and recessed fluorescent lighting. With this many unique features which may be added or omitted, it is true park model homes are entirely customizable.

At the same time, a carefully chosen initial setup prevents the need for future upgrades. Even if at the onset you do not see the need for all the little luxuries, there is the option to pre-wire for future use. Who knows, a few months down the line you might decide to add the stackable washer and dryer after all.

Adding On To Or Renovating A Park Model Home

Expanding or remodeling a Park Model home may sound like a fun idea at the onset, but experts warn this is the kind of activity which should be best left to professionals. After all, electrical wiring and also the plumbing are all incorporated into the house itself. As expected, the layout is completely different from those of site built homes Remodeling, upgrading, or expanding a Park Model Home is usually not necessary and should not be done unless necessary.

If you are thinking that your Park Model Home is in need of major rennovations, think about whether simple affordable changes like a coat of paint are really all that are needed to make it look new again. However, if you do think there is more than just a coat of paint or the application of some new appliances is needed, perhaps it is time for an investment into an updated model.

Considering the average Park Model home is very inexpensive, expanding or remodeling a Park Model home with the help of a professional is almost cost prohibitive. You may be surprised to learn a used Park Model home also keeps its value quite nicely. you can most likely even save up enough for a size-able down payment on your upgraded model. Park Model home rep today and find out what the company can do for your upgrade and potentially resale needs.

Tradition Is Found In A Two Story Park Model Home

It is safe to say for most of us as youths we picked out the most charming two-story home in our neighborhood and dreamed of moving in as adults.

Raising a family and letting the dog run inside of the white picked fence was “the dream”. As we grow into adulthood we often see the price tag on that same house and cringe as we feel our fist tighten around our wallet.

The economy is in poor shape and the majority of us are feeling its pain. When it comes to finding a space like above it is often difficult to find the physical appeal that we desire at an affordable price. This does not always have to be the case with a two-story Park model home.

These models are smaller and more affordable than most manufactured home. They offer the two-story design and several floor plans that suit many homebuyers. These spaces are intended to be used as vacation homes, seasonal housing or guest homes.

If you have a home on preexsisting property you could set up one of these charming little homes on your land and use it for a guest house, a space for an in-law to reside, a college students residence or however you see fit.

The quality and charm are present in these homes and they come at a price that suits today’s budget. So if you are looking for a two bedroom, two-bathroom home with a spacious living room and kitchen you may want to consider a two-story park model home.

The Perfect Floor Plan For Your Vacation Home

The cost of renting a cabin or other rental property can be an unaffordable hassle, yet many people pay these fees year in and year out for vacation getaways. Why pay so much and get so little time in the space when you can pay a small fee for a park model manufactured home instead?

These homes are smaller than the average manufactured home creating an affordable and suitable space for seasonal vacations, college students or in laws. Placing one of these homes on a small area of property makes the perfect retreat.

There are several floor plans from one-bedroom/bathroom models to two bedroom models with a loft for added space. You have the option of an electric fireplace, patio and all of this includes AC/heat, ceiling fans and elegant décor if preferred.

Some models and floor plans offer upscale amenities, built in pocket doors and even spacious kitchens. The motto is “affordable luxury”. You can view numerous floor plans and styles online, each with a blue print inspired layout as well as color photos of many of the models. Floor plans are listed by name such as the manor, royal, estate or cabin.

Each floor plan offers it’s own style which matches the space to it’s resident. The cabin floor plan provides a rustic, woodsy charm. Cedar wood panels and cabinetry are throughout the interior, while log siding sets the scene on the outside of this model. This is definitely a charming woodland retreat. No matter your style or use of this space there is something for everyone and an affordable price that is just as pleasing.

Available Styles of Park Model Homes

Park model homes offers a multitude of home options if you’re in the market for an upscale manufactured home. With many floor plans to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start. Some of the most popular collections of available styles of Park Model Homes include the following.

Manor Floor Plans: The Manor styles of Park Model homes are ideal for vacationing all over the country. This traditional group of Park Model floor plans is of traditional nature and style. They include many upgraded amenities including modern side bay areas.

Royal Floor Plans: The Royal styles of Park Model homes are an upgraded group for those looking for more luxury. They include side bay areas, back bay options, loft capabilities and many kitchen shape options.

Estate Floor Plans: Estate styles of Park Model homes are for those who want upscale options in a manufactured home. Most of these floor plans automatically include upgrades in their base price. Most Estate styles include larger windows, raised wood cabinets, built ins, pocket doors, ceramic backsplashes and upgraded siding.

Cabin Floor Plans: If buyers want to get a rustic look with their Park Model home, they can choose one of the many cabin floor plan styles of Park Model homes. This unique line of floor plans offers log siding, loft upgrades, porch upgrades, a metal roof, high vaulted ceilings, cedar walls and other upgrades.

Park Model Homes offers styles for any type of buyer. No matter where you’d like to place your new or used Park Model Home, there is a style of home you’ll love.

Unique Park Model Floor Plans

If you’re in the market for a Park Model floor plan, you’ll be happy to know you have many options to choose from. Here is a short list of some of the most popular collections of unique Park Model floor plans.

Manor Floor Plans: This group of Park Model floor plans is great for any vacation home. The homes are traditional and many include modern side bay areas.

Royal Floor Plans: This upgraded group of Park Model floor plans offers a little more luxury. Models include side bays and back bay options, loft options and various kitchen shape options.
Estate Floor Plans: This series of homes have upscale amenities, with no added cost. The large windows and standard features including raised wood cabinets, built ins, pocket doors, ceramic backsplash and upgraded siding, they are luxurious options.
Cabin Floor Plans: The unique cabin series allows anyone to get rustic results with their Park Model home. These homes include log siding, loft upgrades, porch upgrades, a metal roof, high vaulted ceilings, cedar walls and other upgrades.

No matter what you’re planning to use your Park Model home for, chances are one of the unique Park Model floor plans will catch your eye. You can view many of these floor plans at the various Park Model dealers around the country, to get up-close views.