Two-Story Park Model Homes – Two Stories Are Better Than One

Park Model homes are known for their small (compact) size, their safe and solid construction, their low economical cost and their simplicity in design. But, that doesn’t only refer to single-floored structures. Although many like the log cabin are comprised of only one level the truth is that two-story Park Model homes do exist as well.

Due to the consistent simplicity involved, these are even more appealing because they offer additional space without necessarily expanding the square footage of the home. Space is allotted upward, but the entire house is still considerably smaller than manufactured or conventional homes. Many people use these two-story Park Model homes for vacation homes if they have a larger family or frequently have guests staying at their home.

Two-story Park Model homes are ideal for families who wish to live economically. The price for Park model homes begin at $20,000 for the single level. Two-story structures are likely to be more, but the cost is still considerable cheaper than a regular house with an upstairs or attic. That is why Park Model homes have become popular, as affordability is a priority when it comes to deciding on what house to buy.

Even for larger families who can’t afford to purchase a traditional home, two-story Park Model homes give them a viable option! Fully customizable and affordably, Park Model homes remain a great choice for people who want a vacation home or for those who want a new home but can’t afford a traditionally built home.

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