A Park Model Home Is Nothing Like Your Grandparents Old Mobile Home From The 60s

In the 60s, mobile homes were made from inexpensive aluminum and other low quality materials. The object of the homes was to provide Americans with low housing opportunities and the mobile home became extremely popular as a result.

However, today’s consumers aren’t interested in the old mobile homes from the 60s. Park Model homes has raised the bar on pre-fab homes, making them trendy and affordable at the same time. And no, a park model home is nothing like your grandparents’ old mobile home from the 60s.

With amazing amenities like large windows, raised wood cabinets, built in pocket doors, ceramic backslashes and upgraded siding, Park Model homes are chic and contemporary. They can come with modern side bay rooms and extra loft areas for extra comfort and luxury.

Today’s park model homes are not only used for primary residences, like most of the mobile homes of the 60s were used for. They are still quite affordable, starting around $20,000 each.
However, they are often used for vacation homes on the beach, in the woods or on farming properties. In addition, many families are choosing to put them on the back of their property (instead of building a guest suite) for mother-in-law accommodations or for their college aged children to enjoy.

Park Model home designs and their luxury amenities are what make them nothing like your grandparents’ old mobile homes from the 60s. These homes make visitors feel like they’re walking not into a rusty trailer, but into a lovely home.

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