Two-Story Park Model Homes – Two Stories Are Better Than One

Park Model homes are known for their small (compact) size, their safe and solid construction, their low economical cost and their simplicity in design. But, that doesn’t only refer to single-floored structures. Although many like the log cabin are comprised of only one level the truth is that two-story Park Model homes do exist as well.

Due to the consistent simplicity involved, these are even more appealing because they offer additional space without necessarily expanding the square footage of the home. Space is allotted upward, but the entire house is still considerably smaller than manufactured or conventional homes. Many people use these two-story Park Model homes for vacation homes if they have a larger family or frequently have guests staying at their home.

Two-story Park Model homes are ideal for families who wish to live economically. The price for Park model homes begin at $20,000 for the single level. Two-story structures are likely to be more, but the cost is still considerable cheaper than a regular house with an upstairs or attic. That is why Park Model homes have become popular, as affordability is a priority when it comes to deciding on what house to buy.

Even for larger families who can’t afford to purchase a traditional home, two-story Park Model homes give them a viable option! Fully customizable and affordably, Park Model homes remain a great choice for people who want a vacation home or for those who want a new home but can’t afford a traditionally built home.

Park Model Vacation Homes Are Not Only For The Rich Anymore

With the uprising in the popularity in Park Model homes, second homes or vacation homes are no longer indigenous to the wealthy! This is especially true considering that Park Model homes are drastically inexpensive compared to conventional housing. In fact, park model homes are so inexpensive, owners can quite literally own several for under $100.000.

Park Model vacation homes make the idea of “getting away from it all” truly economical. They give flexibility and simplicity to family travel, without the family having to make reservations at a hotel where they will pay high prices during their travels. With their very own Park Model home, homeowners can vacation at any time and without need for haste in departing.

Park Model vacation homes are for homeowners who want to be engaged in their personal recreation and relax during their travels. Instead of wasting money on hotel rooms, a family with their own Park Model home can save their cash and invest it in their vacation home.

While the rich were once the only people on Earth who could afford a vacation home, Park Model homes makes that assumption no longer true. For a price starting around $20,000 vacationers can buy a Park Model home to put anywhere in the United States. In fact, if they want to change the location of the home after a while, it can also be easily moved to a different location! Those looking for an even better deal can also look for used Park Model homes and get the best deal for their dollar.

It’s All in the Manufacturing with Park Model Homes

Today’s modular and mobile homes aren’t anything like they once were. While the mobile homes of the past were created with poor craftsmanship, Park model homes are made with the finest materials and sense of craftsmanship.

Park Model home manufactures are comprised of a representative host of expert craftsmen who excel in home design and decor, especially when it comes to style and comfort on a small scale. These individuals are knowledgeable in a broad spectrum as far as home production, such drawing up blueprint schematics, construction, innovation, security, stability, environmental impact, electrical engineering, financing, interior design, landscaping, marketing, aesthetics, material selection and sales. It is no wonder they are in incredibly hot demand!

Aside from factory production which like manufactured homes is conducted systematically, each prospective home features a contingent of in-house specialists to facility custom development down to the last detail. This means that they work directly with the homebuyers, giving the homebuyers exactly what they desire in their new Park Model home. This allows the homebuyers to take an active part in the production process of their own home, which personalizes the structure even more.

Park model homes are constructed with the highest quality materials, to ensure the home is not only beautifully designed but also structurally sound. Manufacturers won’t let a Park Model home leave their facility until they are completely sure the home is of top notch quality. As far as Park Model homes go the secret to satisfaction lies not only in the “living”, but in the “making”.

Log Cabin Park Model – The Simplest Form of Comfort

Do you have a wooded property you’d love to have a log cabin sitting on? Are you worried about trying to build a traditional log cabin on your property?

The log cabin park model is a simple structure one can call home without minimizing or losing comfort and space. Although the space is reduced compared to that of either a manufactured home or a conventional home it offers breathing room in which one can move about without feeling constricted or limited.

The exterior is typically rustic log (hence the name) or cedar for that traditional woodsy appeal flared by a modern rural appearance. The construction, manufactured by expert craftsmen, is environmentally sound and features fiberglass insulation heat ducts, vinyl insulated windows and Fiber-Cement Siding for security. Inside design yields to custom preference but allows many options, from lofts to extended closed-in porch space. Imagine sitting on your log cabin Park Model home’s front porch, looking out into the wooded forest in front of you!

The most attractive consideration of the log Park Model, as with any Park Model home, is the affordable price. Prices for these homes generally start at around $20,000. Because this type of home is inexpensive and no building permit is required a manufacturing home loan is easier to obtain than would be for any of the larger, traditional homes. This makes it a great option for those who don’t think they can afford to build a log cabin on their property but still have the dream of owning one.

Contemporary Pre-Fab Homes

Today’s pre-fab homes are nothing like the trailer park models of the 60s and 70s. In fact, today’s models are contemporary and adequate for any chic family or single. Park Model Homes offers a multitude of home options if you’re in the market for an upscale manufactured home. Some of their most popular contemporary pre-fab homes include those in the following plan groups.

Manor Plans From Park Models: Ideal for vacationing all over the country, Manor styles of Park model homes are traditional in style while offering contemporary aspects as well. Upgraded amenities include modern side bay areas, making them a great choice for many buyers.

Royal Plans From Park Models: With side bay areas, back bay options, loft capabilities and many kitchen shape options, the Royal Plans are contemporary pre-fab homes at their best.

Estate Plans From Park Models: Park Model homes in the Estate Plans automatically include many upgrades in their base price. Most of the Park Model Estate styles are created with larger windows, raised wood cabinets, built ins, pocket doors, ceramic backsplashes and upgraded siding.

Contemporary pre-fab homes now come with much more than the original mobile homes came with. They are fit for people with any style and tastes, with designs making them look more like traditional homes than trailers. They can be placed beautifully in the country, by the beach, in a wooded area or even in your larger backyards. They are perfect for primary residences, vacation homes, mother in law suites and more.

A Park Model Home Is Nothing Like Your Grandparents Old Mobile Home From The 60s

In the 60s, mobile homes were made from inexpensive aluminum and other low quality materials. The object of the homes was to provide Americans with low housing opportunities and the mobile home became extremely popular as a result.

However, today’s consumers aren’t interested in the old mobile homes from the 60s. Park Model homes has raised the bar on pre-fab homes, making them trendy and affordable at the same time. And no, a park model home is nothing like your grandparents’ old mobile home from the 60s.

With amazing amenities like large windows, raised wood cabinets, built in pocket doors, ceramic backslashes and upgraded siding, Park Model homes are chic and contemporary. They can come with modern side bay rooms and extra loft areas for extra comfort and luxury.

Today’s park model homes are not only used for primary residences, like most of the mobile homes of the 60s were used for. They are still quite affordable, starting around $20,000 each.
However, they are often used for vacation homes on the beach, in the woods or on farming properties. In addition, many families are choosing to put them on the back of their property (instead of building a guest suite) for mother-in-law accommodations or for their college aged children to enjoy.

Park Model home designs and their luxury amenities are what make them nothing like your grandparents’ old mobile homes from the 60s. These homes make visitors feel like they’re walking not into a rusty trailer, but into a lovely home.

Finding A Great Price On A Place To Park Your Park Model Home

It’s no question Park Model homes are the best deal when you’re searching for a modern pre-fab home. However, you may wonder where you can find a great price on a place to park your Park Model home. There are many options you have to choose from.

Vacant Farms

Many people choose to buy a few acres of land to park their Park Model home upon. Often you can find inexpensive land in various cities across the country, capable of allowing you to live within the beauty of green space. If you crave the country life, think about talking with realtors about inexpensive vacant land in your chosen area and move your Park Model home to the location of your choice.

Wooded Areas

Many of the Park Model home models work well in a wooded atmosphere. In fact the Cabin Series by Park Model is ideal for a wooded area setting. So, if you picture yourself sitting on your porch looking out into the wooded area around your home, look for an inexpensive piece of land in the woods to purchase. Park Model homes are easily moved to any area, so find the land first and move your home there afterwards.

Mobile Home Parks

If you’d rather be around people and need to be closer to the city, mobile home parks offer the least expensive prices for parking your Park Model home. You can buy a lot or pay a monthly lot rental fee at various parks around the country. You can enjoy mobile home park perks like playgrounds or pools for the kids. You can also enjoy socializing with neighbors within a mobile home park.

A Beginners Guide To Park Model And Manufactured Homes

Are you thinking about buying a pre-fab home, a vacation home or a mother-in-law suite? If so, you’ve likely heard about Park Model homes. Park model homes are affordable and offer incredible amenities and perks for buyers.

Choosing Your Model

If you’re in the market for a Park Model home, the first thing you should do is choose the model you desire. Park Model homes offer a multitude of models to choose from, depending on your individual tastes and desires. If you’re looking for a traditional plan with upgraded amenities like modern side bay areas, a plan from the Manor collection might be ideal.

If you way back bay options, loft options and various kitchen shape options, the Royal plans might be the best choice. For those who want the most luxury, including larger windows, raised wood cabinets, built ins, pocket doors, ceramic backsplashes and upgraded siding, the Estate plans are best for you.

Choosing Your Location

Once you’ve chosen your Park Model plan, you need to move on to choosing your location. Park Model homes can be moved to any location, giving you completely free range on finding a place where you’d like to settle.

Many people choose to move into mobile home parks, enjoying the perks of the social setting and often amenities like parks and pools nearby. However, others prefer to put their Park Model home on a farm, in the woods or near the beach. They are very popular as vacation homes, making them great in any location.

After finding the best park model home design and your ideal location, you can spend the rest of your time enjoying your contemporary Park Model home!

Used Park Models and Park Homes

Are you searching for an inexpensive second home? Used Park Models and Park homes may be just the option you need. In today’s struggling economy, taking the time to compare of Park Models versus traditional homes is a great idea. Mortgage brokers bemoan the fact many consumers can no longer qualify for home loans. Used Park Models can allow you to get the second home you desire so greatly, without having to spend your life’s savings in the process. In

For example, used Park Models and Park homes start at $20,000 or less. However, a traditional home costs more than $200,000 in most areas. This makes used Park Models the perfect compromise for anyone hoping to become the homeowner of a second home or vacation getaway. Used Park Models are not only less expensive than traditional second homes, but they also require less maintenance. They can also be moved, easily. Thus, if you decide to take your home to another area of the country, you can absolutely do so.

Used Park Models and Park Homes are great options to consider not only for a second home or vacation property, but also for additional housing on your current property. Many homeowners are purchasing used Park Models and using them as mother-in-law suites at their current home or for their college-age children who are going to school in state. Used Park Models and Park homes provide inexpensive housing options to homeowners and can ultimately be used for a multitude of purposes. See your Park Models dealer today!

Superior Park Model Homes Helps Campground Owners Generate Cash

Park Model homes have been used for years as vacation homes and primary residences. However, Superior Park Model Homes is now suggesting campground and resort owners think about using these inexpensive lodging accommodations to generate more cash for their business.

Superior Park Model Homes suggests campground owners and resort owners think about adding Park Model homes to their properties, renting them out for cash each week throughout the year to vacationing families. Many times, families want to camp but can’t afford a motor home and would rather not sleep in a tent. Thus, getting to experience camping in a Park Model would be an ideal way to spend vacation and a great way for campground owners to make more rental money.

Superior Park Model Homes also suggest resort owners offer their vacationers the option of purchasing a Park Model Home. This can be a great way for resort owners to generate more income. Many people come to resorts and never want to leave. Thus, resort owners can take advantage of the location they currently offer and give their guests the option of always having a place to come back to (their own Park Model home).

Park Model homes are ideal for an ocean front piece of land, the quiet edge of lake front property, property on the green hills or even in wooded areas of the nation’s mountains. Superior Park Model homes are made of high quality materials and are quite affordable. Many of the Park Model homes start at around $20,000 which makes owning a vacation home a viable option for many families.