Contemporary Pre-Fab Homes

Today’s pre-fab homes are nothing like the trailer park models of the 60s and 70s. In fact, today’s models are contemporary and adequate for any chic family or single. Park Model Homes offers a multitude of home options if you’re in the market for an upscale manufactured home. Some of their most popular contemporary pre-fab homes include those in the following plan groups.

Manor Plans From Park Models: Ideal for vacationing all over the country, Manor styles of Park model homes are traditional in style while offering contemporary aspects as well. Upgraded amenities include modern side bay areas, making them a great choice for many buyers.

Royal Plans From Park Models: With side bay areas, back bay options, loft capabilities and many kitchen shape options, the Royal Plans are contemporary pre-fab homes at their best.

Estate Plans From Park Models: Park Model homes in the Estate Plans automatically include many upgrades in their base price. Most of the Park Model Estate styles are created with larger windows, raised wood cabinets, built ins, pocket doors, ceramic backsplashes and upgraded siding.

Contemporary pre-fab homes now come with much more than the original mobile homes came with. They are fit for people with any style and tastes, with designs making them look more like traditional homes than trailers. They can be placed beautifully in the country, by the beach, in a wooded area or even in your larger backyards. They are perfect for primary residences, vacation homes, mother in law suites and more.

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