Log Cabin Park Model – The Simplest Form of Comfort

Do you have a wooded property you’d love to have a log cabin sitting on? Are you worried about trying to build a traditional log cabin on your property?

The log cabin park model is a simple structure one can call home without minimizing or losing comfort and space. Although the space is reduced compared to that of either a manufactured home or a conventional home it offers breathing room in which one can move about without feeling constricted or limited.

The exterior is typically rustic log (hence the name) or cedar for that traditional woodsy appeal flared by a modern rural appearance. The construction, manufactured by expert craftsmen, is environmentally sound and features fiberglass insulation heat ducts, vinyl insulated windows and Fiber-Cement Siding for security. Inside design yields to custom preference but allows many options, from lofts to extended closed-in porch space. Imagine sitting on your log cabin Park Model home’s front porch, looking out into the wooded forest in front of you!

The most attractive consideration of the log Park Model, as with any Park Model home, is the affordable price. Prices for these homes generally start at around $20,000. Because this type of home is inexpensive and no building permit is required a manufacturing home loan is easier to obtain than would be for any of the larger, traditional homes. This makes it a great option for those who don’t think they can afford to build a log cabin on their property but still have the dream of owning one.

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